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Traditional Artisan Techniques As seen in many of our products, we supply kaftans and scarves with varying types of luxury tie dye and embroidery  This is essential to us as it is the extra refined detail that enables us to  create pure luxury products.  So we thought we would share some interesting facts you may not have known about the different types of tie dye and embroidery we use to make our products so unique!  Here at Pranella we use traditional tie dye and embroidery techniques by professional artisans to create our luxury collections. 

Rope Dye dates back to pre historic times around 5000 years ago, as it can be seen in the Alexander the great time texts about the beautiful printed cottons of India. According to evidence, the first Bandhani saree was worn in a royal marriage. It was believed that wearing a Bandhani saree can bring good future to a bride.  The artisans have experimented with different tying techniques to create patterns on cloth immersed in containters of dye. Different type…

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