Macy Grey wears Pranella Eva Ring!

The very talented singer Macy Grey has burst back onto the UK music scene with a cool new look to rival the Lady Gaga's of the industry. Her new album 'The Sellout' is released this week and is set to do big things.

The styling on the new album is very different to Macy Grey's

previous work, she is less girl next door and more preened

vamp than usual, with huge feather capes, crop leather gloves & pearl beaded glasses. She looks fantastic a beautiful

cross between Estelle and Lady Gaga, a move to be more appealing to a younger audience and we hope it works for her.

Pranella loves her new style, so you can understand our excitement when we found out

they were to use our Eva ring for her shoot, take a look at image 3 of 6 to see the ring in


Macy we wish you luck with the new album and thank you for your support!




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