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Pranella was created by a bunch of girls with a serious passion for fashion; so we know what’s hot and what’s not! 

Our keen eye for style leads us to write about heart necklaces. If you have viewed our collection, I’m pretty sure you would have realised by now how much we love how timeless a heart necklace is and how many varieties we have to choose from.

Heart Necklace

So as you can see we have a heart necklace for every occasion and more, a rainbow of colours and a unique assortment of crystals and beads so that our jewellery can be the centrepiece to your outfit or the finishing touch some would say. We have white heart with topaz charm necklaces and a chunky silver short heart necklace. Both will give any outfit they are teamed up with, a dramatic statement and will get tongues wagging.

We have short and long necklaces be it with a heart or not, that you can even transform with our pendants. Just simply browse our range of necklaces and select the chain you heart falls for and then cruise through our selection of charms and pendants where the designs vary from silver and gold anchors, to starfish and then back to a leaf? Either way whichever pendant catches your eye will make a show-stopping piece of jewellery that is also unique to you, as you have teamed it with a swanky necklace design.

I am almost convinced you have not seen our magnificent designs around before, and I say almost because you may have been intrigued to visit our website through a friends purchase, but I am sure you will see us move up in the fashion accessories industry as we are even broadening our horizons by launching a new scarf range which will be out for spring.

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