A Bright Pastel Spring

Pastel colours are the must have this spring. Mix and match them, or clash them from your head to toe.
This season it is about being bold and unique with brights. 

The pastel blues, greens, and corals are trending within the fashion industry, which is why we have incorporated them into our new collection of contemporary Jewellery. Their fresh, feminine and are versatile as they can be worn to suit all styles. If you are not brave, enough to dare into the pastel coloured shoes and clothes then stick with the safe option of accessories.

Dress your fingers in luxury with the latest selection of candy rings in subtle and bright beads, which ooze style and uniqueness. In addition, we have a new line of scarves in the must have colours which are multifunctional and can be used as sarongs for you holidays or simply to add some style to a day outfit.

The soft pastel coloured necklaces look girly and emphasise a fresh grace when worn with any outfit. Fashion accessories are usually selected to match an outfit, but the most important thing is keeping up with the now trend, and this season it is about clashing and mixing.


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