Beaded Jewellery is at it's hottest this season

Beaded Jewellery is hot this season, especially now that we can incorporate the trendiest colours in a way that no other silver fashion accessories can!

The ultimate bonus about Beaded Bracelets or necklaces is that they come in every colour of the rainbow, so depending on what colour outfit you are wearing you can pick up an ideal piece of handmade jewellery to match perfectly. Pranella have such fine beads of many colours, which we use, such as pink Quartz, red, black, and pastel beads, grey beads, orange beads and so on.

Beaded Jewellery is a fault-less but remarkable idea for a Birthday Gift for her, as you cannot go wrong with a stunning handmade piece of art. Every woman can appreciate the delicately designed and precious bead combinations we at Pranella put together. After all Bracelets for women is in a way an essential item when getting ready in the Mornings.

Pranella aim to make the most outstanding and unique, yet diverse, contemporary jewellery, which you cannot purchase anywhere else unless it is from our website, or our stockists.  We want to make it easier for our customers who love our creations to purchase the fresh and modern pieces, which we make daily, which is why the website has been created.

For a remarkable eye-catching, statement piece, that will most certainly be adored by all, head over to our lovely website or Facebook page. We have all the favourites available for you to view.


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