Gemstones for Natural Sparkle and Glitz

Gemstone Jewellery is transformed from season to season, to keep up with the competition of other handmade jewellery or fashion accessories.

Pranella believe that Gemstone jewellery has the upper hand of a natural sparkle and glitz, after all the ideal birthday gifts for her is something that sparkles. The gemstones can be purchased in an array of colours, especially if you are opting for them to be attached to a beaded bracelet or a beaded necklace. So depending on what colour outfit you are wearing you can pick up an ideal piece of handmade jewellery that will glamorise any outfit and make the perfect statement piece.

Many of our creations, which are already available on the website, contain precious gemstones and quartz beads. As Pranella, hand makes all items of jewellery in the UK but add different inspiration and influences from other countries and styles, not every piece can virtually be the same. All our items are in fact unique and one of a kind and strike a balance between the casual and glam look.

If you love and appreciate high quality handmade jewellery, then Pranella’s taste in jewellery is right up your street. With each gem and precious stone creating an illusion when worn our team carefully select complimentary colours and beads to make the perfect accessory.

For a stand out piece that will make your dress impress do the wise thing and head over to our website today! 


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