Bring on the sunshine

Pranella have been thinking positive thoughts and praying for the change of the season to actually happen and bring on the sunshine.

We have been preparing all winter for the turn of the dark skies to be banished and replaced with an array of red’s oranges and pink’s. We of course miss the heat, and the beautiful golden brown tans that come with the blistering sun. A splash of colour makes a huge difference in life, and summer brings out a rainbow.

Just like the Rainbow Pranella have created magnificent pieces for the summer of 2013 in beautiful colours. Costume jewellery and bracelets for women are a must. When we come back off summer holidays we always tend to bring items of jewellery such as beaded bracelets, anklets and necklaces usually just as a keepsake. In some circumstances, we think to the future and know they would make precious birthday gifts for her.

The beauty of summer can be indulged with our inspired sparkling and colourful pieces of jewellery. Just imagine you have a long flowing Maxi on with an outstanding necklace and beaded bracelet to match. Your outfit is suitable for whatever the day may throw at you, because you know you look and feel good from the compliments you are receiving from your contemporary jewellery.

A great summer effect or tip if you wish, to transform your safe and trusted bags from last season are to load them up with bag charms. They create a magical illusion when the sun beams off them, they attract many compliments from bystanders.


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