The sun is a constant shimmer

The sun is starting to become a constant shimmer through our windows, which means only one thing… Summer!

Golden skin is soon to be the craze along with beautiful maxi’s Midi’s and pretty summer dresses. Summer is a season to be bold and bright and to mix and experiment with lots of outstanding and eye-watering colours. It is most definitely the season to be as stylish as possible but maintaining the laid back feels. There is only one to do this and that is with your accessories.
Pranella have just released a fantastic and by no means least astonishing collection that will no doubt amaze this summer. If you are particularly quite a mellow character in a dress sense and opt for more neutral styles and colours then get your summer glitz with our beaded bracelets and costume jewellery.

With Pranella’s contemporary jewellery you can layer up all our new colourful pastel pieces to add a glitz and on trend look to a somewhat dull or plain outfit. It can change a monotone dress into a whole wardrobe of outfits by simply changing up the necklaces and bracelets you wear with it, or by even adding a new and unique scarf around the waist or neck. The possibilities are truly endless with the looks you can create with our jewellery this summer.

To brighten up your summers wardrobe this year head over to our website today to browse and by no means least purchase all your essentials that will help you to create a colourful flair.


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