Pranella Festival Guide

As festival season is among us all throughout the summer to September, many memories filled with music, friends and laughter will be made! Festival season allows you to step outside your comfort zone and be a little more daring with your fashion style, thus allowing you to express a more extravagant style which for some may come easy but as for others it can be a little daunting! BUT DO NOT FEAR! We have created our Pranella Festival Style Guide to highlight our festival  essentials to help you get the perfect boho chic festival ensemble! Overall, the key aspects of our festie fashion formula involves a mix of textures and statement jewellery. 

Princess Hippie and Mirror Hippie
Gold Fringe Hippie

Mini Hippie

For us, there is no better place to start with your festival wardrobe (or rucksack) than the hippie bag. No outfit is complete without it! Each individual bag is unique, handmade by an Indian Artisan and finished by hand adding an array of different textures including tassels, mirrors, badges and fine detail to every bag. The vibrant colours, mirror badges and contrasting textures sums up the festival style perfectly.

Silver Boho Hippie

Gold Boho Hippie

Pranella provides an array of different hippie bags, varying in size and styles to meet everyones different demand and complement each different outfit choice. Whether styling with a summer dress or denim jeans the hippie bag will no doubt complete the outfit.

Another essential for your festival style this summer is statement jewellery. You can never wear too much jewellery when it comes to a bohemian style, but it is important to find the right balance that is not too over the top. Luckily, Pranella has a perfect collection of boho-chic jewellery that oozes luxury festival fashion. From tassels and horns to stones and hansan our statement jewellery comes in different collections and an array of colours. 


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We hope this guide has helped to style your festival wardrobe and we will look forward to seeing how your boho-chic Pranella outfits! Enjoy the sunshine (hopefully), music and your new accessories this festival season!
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