"I have enough Jewellery" Said no women ever!

Because what outfit is complete without draping it in jewellery? Weather a bright contrast with a large tassel or a neutral colour to complement your outfit, all women know of the unwritten girl code of adding jewellery to EVERY outfit!

Here at Pranella all of our jewellery is handmade using semi precious jewels which have been hand chosen to ensure our jewellery defines the essence of luxurious accessories! All of jewellery is made with attention to care and whole lot of LOVE! We have a variety of different styles, colours and more to exceed Jewellery goals more than you could have ever imagined!! 

Here is a little insight to some of our different styles, colours and stones that can be found in our jewellery.

We have an array of different colours which can be styled to your own unique style. To keep this blog mildly short we have only provided part of the colours in our collection. For more head to www.pranellaco.com

Oceana tassel
Claudia stone

Femi pink tassel

Terese orange tassel
Raynee orange tassel

Yasmin pink tassel

citrus pink

Lily rose pin

Pois tassel
Cortina orange tassel
Tequila Tassel
We have created a range of different styles including long, chokers, tassel using different beads, jewels and statement pieces. As shown below, you can see a range of different styles that we provide. 

Cali black horn
Tequila Multi
This is our Wild rose tassel collection that shows the different styles that we provide including:
wild rose pearl, wild rose tassel, wild rose short pearl, wild rose tribal!
Oceana tassel

Our Inca collection also highlights the array of different styles that we offer including inca bamboo, inca multi moon, inca short moon and inca multi horn. . 
Choker with tassel
Kimi hoop

Shelby horn
Wild caramel brown tassel

For more styles and different colours please visit our website www.pranellaco.com 
We hope you have enjoyed our post on our jewellery. We love to see how you style your Pranella accessories. After all a women can never have enough jewels!
Look out for our next blog post and don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @PranellaUK

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