About us!

Looking back on the past, it is sometimes a little hard to believe how far we have come.
  Pranella strongly believes that every step of our journey has made Pranella the brand it is today, therefore, we thought it would be nice to share some of our story.

Pranella, a mother and daughter duo that create beautiful semi precious jewellery, beachwear and beach baskets using artisan techniques to create an inspired and original collection.

“We aim to create unique jewellery and beach accessories for women of all ages, each and every bead is hand chosen and with this attention to detail and our love of colour we strive to create the very best hand made accessories for women to express their individual style.”

Each season sees a new collection launched by the Pranella team, all hand made in the UK taking inspiration from global influences and current trends - striking a beautiful balance of colour, material and textures creating timeless and unique pieces.

The company was established 10 years ago by Charlotte &Alexsandra after finding it impossible to buy jewellery which was authentic and vibrant at a realistic price. After travelling extensively as a family through countries like India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Thailand they decided to create a collection of jewellery that was inspired and influenced by their travels. Using stones, vintage pendants and artifacts they created their first collection. The collection sold out after their first show which was a wonderful start for the young brand. From that collection the range has grown, still sourcing material from global markets - they continue to travel, gaining ideas, finding new materials and collecting ideas to share with their global customer base. 

2007 The official registration of Pranella & www.pranella.com. Working from a small workshop the companies expansion was rapid with several major independent and national stores placing initial orders then quickly placing repeat orders. 

2009 Pranella moved into their current location providing a greater space to accommodate the extension of the Pranella product range which enabled the planned further growth into Europe. 

2010  This was our first European exhibition.

2011 Extending the sales territory into Australia and New Zealand. 

2012  Our first factory visit to India to begin production on our first resort capsule wardrobe. We acquired warehousing facilities to accommodate the increase in stock. 

2013 Resortwear sold out within 3 month of launch.  

2014 Nominated for young businesswoman of the year award. 

2015 To date - further growth into USA and Canada, designing and manufacturing for two large fashion retailers creating collections specifically for their brand. 

2017 Currently looking for larger premises and actively recruiting more staff. Over the past 10 years Pranella has doubled in size year on year.

S/S17 was inspired by the colours, detail and richness of Morocco. The elaborate everyday objects and the use of colour to portray divinity was our inspiration. We chose beads from Brazil, which are highly polished to represent the tiles - they shimmer and reflect in the light like the tiles that surround doorways & water fountains. They used Tibetan agate, wood and matt agate to represent the arid earth of the Sahara and by enchanting with green and aqua to represent the cacti that pierce the earth. Our S/S17 collection is in two parts, one that represents the bright and bustling cosmopolitan city of Marrakesh and the other being muted, bleached and earthy tones to represent the desert.
Today we are globally successful, reaching shows in London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Japan to launch our new collections.

Although we are enormously proud of how far we have come, we are excited for what the future has to hold for us here at Pranella and we will always take what we have learned forwards with us! Watch this space!

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