Autumn Falls

As September draws closer and the nights are getting longer, our summer wardrobe slowly makes the annual transition to our winter wardrobe. With rich autumn colours and huge comfy jumpers we look forward to nights in by the fire and long walks in the fresh and crisp air. 
Now, you may think its too early to think about this and admittedly, my imagination is going wild as I sit here in my first wooly jumper and a warm cup of tea on this late August Tuesday!
However, as the leaves begin to fall and the season creeps up on us, it is essential we prepare to accessorise our favourite winter outfits. 

Pranella have been working extremely hard to design, create and deliver an AW collection that beats any other. Our jewellery includes new colour waves and designs that really capture the essence of 2017 AW season. Filled with neutrals, rich reds and deep blues we really have excelled ourselves this season!

Here is a little look at some of our new AW17 jewellery collection. 
We love these new neutral colours! Perfect for this winter season. The beauty of neutral colours is that they go with absolutely anything. Simply throw on an Autumn dress and add neutral jewellery - perfect. Subsequently, with jeans and a blouse - these colours will undoubtedly complement your outfit perfectly!

These deep browns, blues and oranges are essential to our AW17 collection. These deep colours are bound to really enhance your autumn style. Accessorise your favourite winter dress or your go to wooly jumper to really bring the outfit together.

As we hope for some more warm weather and to keep our favourite summer dresses out, it is inevitable that the AW season is soon approaching.  But fear not - Pranella has provided you with the ultimate AW17 accessories. It is essential to us that our jewellery oozes shear luxury. We take pride in creating the best quality products, which is why all of our jewellery is handmade and each and every bead is hand chosen by us. Our love and excessive desire to create premium quality jewellery for our customers is what drives us to constantly provide new and exciting collections. 

Head over to our wholesale website to take a look for yourself and order your AW17 collection jewellery. 

Look out for our next blog post coming soon. 

Best Wishes,


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